Hayfields Box Delivery Program


Care Package (n.)
a package containing useful items, goodies or merchandise
that is sent to yourself or given as a gift.
Hayfields Market has created just that. Whether it’s for you or sent to someone else, enjoy a regularly delivered box full of local treats, interesting wares and seasonal goodies all hand picked by Hayfields staff. Every box is simply intended to bring a little joy to your doorstep. 

Think of this like a monthly surprise. Or like a delivery from the milk man. A local care package of sorts. And a fun way to delivery treats from us to you, our neighbors. Just sign up and enjoy the surprise!
Only $39.95/month
a curated selection and mix of perishable and non-perishable items 
offering something new each month.

  • You CC will be charged the first week of the month and your deliver will be the first week of the month.
  • You can freeze your delivery and start it up again at your convenience.
  • Free Delivery within 20 miles, $5 delivery fee beyond 20 miles. If you prefer shipping, there will be an $8 shipping charge

Call or come in to learn more and to sign up!