It’s the week after Christmas. Did you get? Did you give? Do you travel back to wherever you came from? Do you continue to eat leftovers or eat over at your neighbors left? Do you read that new book or book that spa day gift card? Are you with family? or friends? After Christmas, are you still friends with your family? Are you headed back to work and working hard? Or lounging on the couch and hardly working? It’s the week after Christmas and you have the whole week to revel in whatever it is you’re up to. And whatever it is that you’re up to… remember to keep that “merry always and happy everything” going into the new year.

We at Hayfields are spending this week OPEN* – INCLUDING NEW YEARS DAY!
We are enjoying meeting family members of our regular customers. We are enjoying hearing your New Years plans. And we are enjoying these last few days of 2016! 
* Note – we have started our reduced hours – closing at 4pm during the week and will be closed January 2nd & 3rd for deep cleaning


Drumroll please… we will be staying open for “the winter.” Yay! Applause! Bravo!
But… just when you had a routine and you got comfortable, we go and change it up (insert rolling eyes). That’s right, Winter is arriving and from January through March even though we are staying open our hours will be different. In fact, did you know that one way to help keep your mind sharp and to help slow the effects of “getting older” is to change your routine? Routines, although safe and comforting, do not stimulate the mind. Next time you go to work, try a different route. Next time you’re channel surfing on the TV, start the other way. And next time you’re at Hayfields order something new!
Don’t worry, we aren’t changing the hours THAT much. We will simply be closing three hours earlier during the week aka – closing at 4pm instead of 7pm**. Exception: now that we offer beer, wine and hard cider, there will be a few select late night events dedicated to Trivia, Bingo, Painting and Music (stay tuned for more information!). We will also start up Tuesday To Go Dinners and be open until 7pm on Tuesdays.

** Note: WE WILL BE CLOSED FOR TWO DAYS – January 2nd & 3rd.
We look forward to continuing to serve you all in the new year.