Field Goods CSA

We are super excited to announce that we are officially partnered with Field Goods! If you aren’t familiar with their organization then keep reading. If you already know about Field Goods, click here to learn more or click here to sign up.
What Is Field Goods?
Field Goods is a local produce delivery service that now has a drop site at Hayfields – North Salem, N.Y. After signing up, you then receive every week a bag full of 5-8 different types of fruits and vegetables from over 80 of our local New York small farms. They deliver 150+ varieties of fruits and vegetables, and more than a dozen types of local cheese and artisan bread. All of the produce is non-GMO, much is organic and all are grown on small farms. 

Even though it’s winter, they still have plenty on offer. In fact, with the fresh-freeze practices that these farms have, it’s just like eating summer-season varieties but in the winter! Winter products include a surprising and delightful array of frozen produce, mushrooms, apples, root veggies (potatoes, carrots, cabbage, winter squash), greenhouse products, and more. A sample bag might include the following: one bag frozen corn, one bag frozen blueberries, 2 bunches spinach, one bunch purple top turnips, 1 bunch red beets, jona gold apples.

How to Order:
Options depend on how much you want each week:
  • Small Bag (1-2 people) – $25 
  • Standard Bag (2-3 people) – $30
  • Family Bag (3-5 people) – $35
  • Extras: Cheese – $5.50
  • Extras: Bread – $5

Pick up your bag from Hayfields every Friday afternoon. The subscription is flexible so you can put your subscription on hold and re-start it at any time. 
Sign up on our website by clicking here, stop in the store or give us a call: 914.669.8275

Click here to read our flyer – FieldGoodsFlyer_2016
Click here to sign up online (or you can come into the store and sign up in person)