Tues. To-Go Dinners

You can count on us for homemade Tuesday dinners to-go during the winter months (January – March). Our chef, Lucas Hanaburgh, will be preparing full meals with a main dish, a few sides, salads, etc. for 2, 4 and 6 people. Just consider it like your own weekday personal chef at your service. Meals will already be fully cooked and served hot. If you’re headed straight home you might not even need to heat it up. But we will leave the details up to you.

From 5:30 – 7pm and every Tuesday through the winter, stop at Hayfields on your way home from work and let us do the cooking for you. Happy to take suggestions and requests for meals, happy to reserve if you call ahead and happy to cure your appetite. If not reserved ahead of time, meals will be first come, first served and when we are out we are out. Happy Eating!

Portion for 2 people range from $20-26 depending on the meal.

* Must purchase entire meal, no substitutes.