Hayfields offers Beer, Wine, Rose, Prosecco, Hard Ciders, and Champagne Ask about how we can also accommodate your liquor needs. In addition to our Beer, Wine, Rose, Prosecco, and Champagne we offer a variety of Cocktails and Mocktails


Mimosa – Fresh Squeezed OJ, Prosecco, and Strawberry garnish or a dropped raspberry

Pomosa – Pomegranate juice, prosecco garnished with pomegranate seeds

Bellini – Classic Peach or Strawberry – Fresh-made nectar topped with Prosecco

Nectar of the Gods – Raspberry syrup, Agave, Prosecco

Old School Champagne Cocktail – Angostura bitters, Brown Sugar Cube, Champagne, Lemon Twist

Sangrias – Honeycrisp Apple Sangria, Classic Rose & Fruit Sangria, Red Wine & Blood Orange

Pear and Wine Cocktail – Pear nectar, lime juice, white wine, simple syrup, thyme garnish

Red Ginger – Red Wine, Ginger Ale, and splash of Pomegranate juice

Berry Red – Muddled Berries, sugar, red wine

Mulled Red Wine – Warm Red Wine with aromatics

Chai Cider – Hard Cider with classic chai

Poor Mans Black Velvet – Guinness and Hard Cider

Siracha Lager – Lime Juice, Worcestershire, Siracha, Lager beer salt rim

Bloody Beer – Tomato Juice, Hayfields Hot Sauce, Lime Juice, Worcestershire and Beer


Mockmosa – Fresh squeezed OJ, Nonalcoholic Sparkling Cider

Fakillini – Peach Nectar, Nonalcoholic Sparkling Cider

Nojito – Muddled Mint, Lime, Rum Extract, Sprite

Blackberry Mule – Blackberry Syrup, Mint, Lime Juice, and Ginger Ale garnished blackberry and mint

Nocello – Lemon Juice and Sparkling Apple Cider

Virgin Mary – Tomato Juice, Hot Sauce, Lime Juice, Worcestershire, Non-Alcoholic Beer

Vanilla or Chocolate Egg Cream – Vanilla or Chocolate Syrup, Milk, and Seltzer