Cars & Coffee

Cars & Coffee

Cars & Coffee is always on the first Sunday of every month… rain or shine! All four seasons.
Help us keep Cars & Coffee organized by reserving online before you visit. Reservations are NOT required. It’s only if you want to guarantee a spot.

Reserve online for $10 and you’ll get a coffee when you arrive!


Reservations are as follows:
8:00am – 1.5 hour
9:30am – 1.5 hour
We would love to see your car along with like-minded enthusiasts and would love for you to stop by for a coffee and a sandwich. You can enjoy your time at the store and in the parking lot for the above allotted time and then we kindly ask you to move along for the next patron to park.

Parking will be reserved and held for those that have a reservation.

If you do not have a reservation and/or you are not grabbing food to go you will not be allowed on the property if we are at capacity. We look forward to serving you and seeing your car. We ask you to respect our roads and our community while you are in town. Please keep the noise down and drive to the posted speed limits.


What started out as an occasional vintage and historic car gathering has now gotten a bit out of hand. 

To our fellow enthusiasts… although we love to see amazing cars in our town, we do not appreciate or promote unsafe and inconsiderate driving through, in, and around the area. North Salem is a small country town and our roads are meant to be driven, not raced. There have been many complaints not only to the local town but to the state departments as well. Please monitor your driving and respect our community and our neighbors. Racing is for the race track. Don’t ruin a good thing. Drive respectfully. Park appropriately. Wear masks. Social distance. Or… risk losing the opportunity to come to Hayfields on Sundays. Please spread the word. Thank you.